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                   Use ACCESS CODE:  mb2022

1. We are very excited to move forward with our new Online Hot Lunch program (K12 Lunches). There are at least 3 other local schools using an online ordering system. Our hope is that the new ordering system will make lunch ordering easier for everyone, as well it will increase our efficiencies and reduce missed orders .

2. This program seems to be very easy to navigate and will send you a weekly reminder of your child’s upcoming lunches.

3. This program requires you to use a Credit Card or Visa/Debit. Please know that if this is a problem or concern, we will definitely help you out by filling out a paper form and receiving payment as per usual. I’ve been informed from the company that they are looking at a feature that will allow me to enter a credit on my end so that if you wish to pay cash or e transfer, we can take payment then enter it in as a credit. *PLEASE NOTE THIS FEATURE IS NOT YET AVAILABLE*

4. We have lowered the cost of lunches to accommodate for Credit Card Fee Charges.  You will notice the lower cost on the March 2023 Hot Lunch!